Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cell Project Outline and Rubric

Unfortunately the blog will not allow me to add an attachment, so I must copy and paste the outline. You will all receive a hard copy in class on Monday. Until then read over the instructions and get a start on it.

Making Models
Cells: The Basic Unit of Life

Objective: You will use everyday materials to build a cell model.

Know the Score!
As you work through the activity use the rubric below as a guide to earning your grade. TURN THIS PAPER IN WITH YOUR PROJECT!

1. Use materials to build a plant or animal cell model. Your model should be three dimensional , not flat. Follow the materials guidelines below.
2. Your model must show cellular organelles in their approximate sizes and numbers. Use pictures of the cells in your textbooks or online to see the sizes and numbers of the organelles.
3. Build your model so that it is no larger than 1 metre by 1 metre.
4. Ensure that all the parts of the cells are clearly and accurately labeled.
5. Complete a graphic organizer that clearly lists the components of your cell and their specific functions.

Material Guidelines
•To hold your cell use boxes; plastic bags; clear plastic containers (NO GLASS).
•Dry foods such as seeds, beans, nuts, pasta (NO SUGARS/FOODS THAT SPOIL).
•Small items such as beads, pipe cleaners, straw, buttons, batteries, thread, ribbons, shoestrings, yarn, elastic.
•Materials such as sponges, clay, fabric, cardboard, newspaper.
•Use your creativity and imagination. HAVE FUN!

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